Award-Winning, Williams Sonoma-Featured Brand

Gourmet Legacy: Muirhead Foods – A Turnkey Opportunity

Since 1988, a Proven Track Record in Gourmet Excellence is now Ready for Your Vision.

Step into a world of gourmet distinction with Muirhead Foods: A 30-year legacy of award-winning excellence, ready for a visionary revival. Unlock unparalleled growth potential in the thriving gourmet market.


Tradition in Excellence

Muirhead Foods is a manufacturer of gourmet food products that was actively in business starting in 1988 and continuing until slowing down its operations during the 2020 pandemic.  Its parent company has been in business since 1974, starting as a gourmet restaurant and successfully entering the gourmet food product business.   

Muirhead Foods’ largest customer was Williams Sonoma, which picked up one and additional Muirhead products in 1991, continuing for three decades. Muirhead also had a large direct sales audience, especially from the west and mid-west, and sold wholesale directly to a number of gourmet stores.

Muirhead is an authentic, established brand with an excellent brand story and history. 

  • NASFT Finalist Award for its Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin
  • NASFT Silver Award for its Muirhead Green Tomato Mincemeat (The current versions of these awards are now the Specialty Food Association sofiTM Awards)
  • Many other products are of gourmet quality and appeal.

Muirhead seeks to sell its assets, including its branding, trademark, recipes, methods, samples of these products, retail and wholesale customer lists, promotional materials, etc.    

This purchase could be suitable for a relatively small company to enhance its growth or to be part of a larger company’s portfolio.  Owners are pleased to provide discussion but are unavailable for intense consulting or sale contingencies.

As the market and the supply chain continue to recover, Muirhead Foods sees a rebound in demand and the potential for restarting with the mission of supplying original delicious high-end gourmet products to gourmet stores of all sizes and to its loyal customer base.


Muirhead Foods, 1040 Pennsylvania Ave., Trenton, NJ 08638  

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