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Click for product photos and description. All Muirhead products are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Whenever possible we use the wines, fruits, and vegetables from our neighboring Delaware Valley vineyards and farms.


Fruit Butters Homey, ready-to-serve treats. No preservatives. Less sugar than jams and jellies.

Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter 13oz $ 7.50
Muirhead Cinnamon Apple Butter 12oz $ 7.25
Muirhead Blueberry Butter 12oz $ 7.25
Muirhead Spiced Apple Butter 12oz $ 7.25

Mincemeats Going back to our roots with classics.

Muirhead Green Tomato Mincemeat 16oz $ 8.00

Chutneys Fruit flavors stand out in our American-style chutneys.

Muirhead Apple Cranberry Chutney 12oz $ 7.25
Muirhead Apple Pomegranate Chutney 12oz $ 7.25
Muirhead Tangy Cherry Chutney 13.2oz $ 7.25

Vinaigrettes No gums or emulsifiers. Organic ingredients. Extra virgin olive oil in our vinaigrettes.

Muirhead Herbes De Provence Vinaigrette 8oz $ 5.75
Muirhead Sherry Vinaigrette 8oz $ 5.75
Muirhead Hazels Sweet And Sour Dressing 8oz $ 5.00

Mustards Award winners.

Muirhead Dijon Mustard 8.5oz. $ 5.75
Muirhead Horseradish Mustard 8oz. $ 5.75