Doris and Ed Simpson of MuirheadWe've always loved simple ways to make meals extra special.

Muirhead opened up in 1974 as a fine dining restaurant in an old farmhouse in Hunterdon County, NJ. Owners Ed and Doris Simpson served dinners in a quiet, unrushed fashion and focused on fresh, seasonal foods. Ed was the host and Doris ran the kitchen, preparing 5-course gourmet meals every Friday and Saturday evening.

Soon, guests began asking Ed for jars of salad dressing to go. In a salute to that first dressing, we're updating our vinaigrettes with organic oils, vinegars, and herbs.

Ed began to bottle mustards as well. One thing led to another and Muirhead is now a specialty foods company. As with anything worth doing, it has taken a lot of hard work. This has paid off with the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade selecting Muirhead twice as an outstanding new specialty foods finalist. Once for Pecan Pumpkin Butter and again for Green Tomato Mincemeat.

To accommodate growing needs, we've moved to a larger space in Trenton, NJ. And, we've made a commitment to that community.

Our current foods include fruit butters, American style chutneys, mincemeats, fancy mustards, vinaigrettes, and cooking sauces. Great complements to your meals and baked goods.

Barbara of MuirheadAll our products are free from added preservatives, gums, or colors. New items are added each year but only when they are ready! You'll find recipes that other families have enjoyed on this website and on jar lids. Please send us your recipe favorites.

Today, Muirhead is run by daughter Barbara, famous among family and friends for her quiet passion for food, especially vegetables and fruits. Barbara oversees all production: Pecan Pumpkin Butter, and award-winning mustards, from the restaurant years. Wine and jalapeno jellies, new favorites. And now vinaigrettes with organic extra virgin olive oil, vinegars, and herbs.

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